Home care

Home care

About Our CEO

Dre’a Pendleton MSN, RN

Dre’a Pendleton is a Registered Nurse with decades of experience in the Nursing and healthcare industry. She has worked locally in hospitals, assisted living facilities throughout the Maryland area. She is also a certified Delegate Nurse and Case Management Certified. Her experience has enabled her to grow a network and build professional relationships with other Nurses and ancillary staff in order to build a premier agency with offices in Towson, Maryland.

Home care

We Bring The Best Nursing Care To You!

Quality 1st Home Care provides Skilled Nursing and Personal Care Aides. We are a licensed Level 3 Complex Care Residential Service Agency. We provide the best Nursing Care in the Greater Baltimore area. Our culture is grounded in love, com passion safety) high quality and dignity. Our team works together to provide your facility with professional Skilled Nurses and Personal Care Aides.

Why Us?


We accept Medicaid (Community First Choice) and private pay. Although we are not Medicare approved we maintain our performance according to Medicare guidelines and regulations.


To enhance the community we serve by placing our clients’ needs first as we provide the best possible caring, empathetic, compassionate, and affordable nursing care.

We are committed to providing the best Quality care throughout our community. We aim to put Quality back into Healthcare.

As we care for clients suffering from acute, chronic, or debilitating conditions, we emphasize and promote independence and collaboration in the health promoting process and contribute to the creation of supportive and sustainable physical and social environment.

Our goal is to work with surrounding providers to promote continuity of care, provide a premium service and patient centered skill care.

Our Elite Staff

Quality 1st Home Care Services strategically recruits the most qualified candidates and provides each member of our team with a comprehensive orientation program so that they are ready to take on the most complex patients.

Specialized Care We have personnel trained in:

We have RN’s that oversee each case and LPN’s that monitor the cases. We have home health aides who provide personal care services. All services are documented and followed to make sure each client’s plan of care is meeting the highest quality. We have a 24 hour on call staff.